Well, hello Northwest!



Evening at the Key started right.


Got a hug from a total stranger after the anthem….

Game was fun – though Sue Bird-less (knee) and still Whalen-less. I got “W in the 90’s” flashbacks with the low scoring, physicality and defensive fierceness. Oh, and that 5-minute scoring drought? Classic Lib v. Cleveland (look the Rockers up, newbies!).

When that little Langhorne putback fell and gave Seattle the lead, I’m betting most of the folks in the arena did what my little ensemble did – look at each other and say, “11 seconds is a lot of time.” Still not sure how Syl didn’t make that shot.

Random observations:

  • Smells like real jalapeños on those nachos the arena serves.
  • Like the fact that the ushers are totally pro-Storm.
  • Shout out to the little girl in the spelling bee contest who, when asked to spell “Sue Bird,” quietly panicked and just started saying random letters. I’d have given her the win.
  • Yes, the Liberty got the best of the Swords for a couple of Seattle draft picks deal.
  • If Kaleena wants to see more than end-of-the-quarter minutes on the W court, she’s going to have to get into better shape. Watching her try and keep up with Maya was…comical.
  • There’s nothing like watching Big Syl school second-year Stewart in the paint. Muscle and footwork beats not-quite as much muscle and footwork every time.
  • Not happy to see shoulda-been-a-Lib Brunson wince her way to the bench. Last I heard was “walking boot” and “two weeks.”
  • Moore had a pretty sucky shooting night, but near the end, she nailed a couple “in most games those would have been the nails in the coffin” kinda shots. Kudos to the Storm players for punching them out and getting the win.
  • Key Arena is a great place to watch a game. It’s a little tattered around the edges, but the love is real.

See y’all a the game tomorrow night!

A couple more shots of the surrounding area:IMG_1756.JPG





Last 30 days have seen me in….

St. Thomas

Grey Angelfish

Four Eyed Butterflyfish

New Orleans

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Key Largo

Honeycomb Cowfish

Rainbow Parrotfish

and now… OFF TO Portland/Seattle!!!! Gonna catch two Storm game and one Rose Hill Roller Derby match. Anyone around? I’ll be wearing the Suuuuuueeeeee jersey!

Fair warning – first time in Seattle, not only were we shooting pictures with FILM *gasp* but I won the Storm trivia quiz on the bus to Spokane. (Long story) You better step up your game, Storm fans!

Short takes…

New York Liberty be like, “We can compete with the best!” LA and Minnesota be like, “Simmer down, friends.”

WNBA – “Yeah, we’re playing San Antonio, a guaranteed win!” San Antonio, “Nah, friends.”

Storm – “We’ve got a lot of young talent! How exciting!” Seattle fans, “Not so much, friends.”

Prognosticators – “Ouch, Chiney’s out again… it’s gonna be a tough year for Connecticut.” Sun plays, “Not so fast, friends.”

Chicago fans – “Dabnabbit, everyone leaves.” Sky players, “Some of us are still here, kids.”

And yes, still in New Orleans….at a conference. Really. I’m attending ALL the sessions….







Yes, I’m at a work conference in New Orleans….

no cigar… which is too bad, ’cause Layshia Clarendon is one of the breakout players/people of this WNBA season. That being said, I’d bet a nickle she’d satisfied with the (thrilling) win over the still-Grinerless Merc, 99-91.

No thrilling win (if you’re a Lib fan) in Minnesota, as Whalen sealed the Lynx victory, 76-75.

What a difference a Donne makes… Washington over San Antonio, 85-76.

Squeak! Don’t know if the return of Powers was that significant, but it’s nice that Dallas got the win, 84-82 win with her on the court.

Ah, a little post-ASG hangover? LA handled Seattle in a low scoring game, 68-60.

Sun stay steamy hot, stomping Chicago, 93-72. Playoffs look good for Connecticut *throws salt over shoulder*

Ah, Minnesota: Maya Moore on Kyrie, LeBron and the Cavs: When the Lynx stick together, ‘we win’

“The culture that has been set, from leadership on down, of being good to each other,” Moore said, repeating a phrase she claims coach Cheryl Reeve uses a lot. “Because it’s not going to be everything it can be, and it’s not going to feel as good as it can, if we don’t approach our journey that way.

And more, from the .com: In Her 10th Season, This Could Be The Year of Sylvia Fowles

In cause you were wondering: What does the BPI predict for the second half of the WNBA season?

Also wondering: What the Wings need to happen in second half of season to make WNBA playoffs

Congrats! Evelyn Akhator will be out for the Dallas Wings to play with Nigerian national team

AZ Central:After seven years overseas, WNBA’s oldest rookie Yvonne Turner gets her shot with Mercury

Seth Berkman at the NY Times: Hard Work in South Korea Pays Off for Jonquel Jones and WNBA’s Sun

Connecticut Sun Coach Curt Miller was apprehensive when forward Jonquel Jones, then a rookie, told him last year that she would be playing in South Korea during the W.N.B.A. off-season.

In almost two decades of existence, the six-team Women’s Korean Basketball League has developed a reputation as a player-friendly destination, where paychecks always arrive on time and the accommodations are relatively luxurious.

But the league is known for two-a-day practices in which plays and drills are eschewed for sprints and high-intensity workouts.

Also on JJ: Jonquel Jones Epitomizes Bright Future of WNBA and On The Fly: Jones, Sun Rise Among WNBA Powers

Also – Yea to the Quigley family! Chicago guard Allie Quigley’s All-Star Game debut was worth the wait

ESPN: Humble and hungry, Erica Wheeler becomes Fever standout after circuitous road to WNBA

Movin’ time: WNBA’s Chicago Sky Moving Back To City

WATN? SPASH grad [JMac] takes break from WNBA, picks up ultimate frisbee

WATN? In the NY Times:A Way to Extend Her WNBA Career? Opening an Ice Cream Parlor

The ice cream shop, she said, is her “happy place.” The color scheme is Tiffany blue, and the walls are adorned with life-size cutouts of McCoughtry holding ice cream cones.

Flavors rotate. Recent offerings included Salty Bae, a salted caramel and chocolate variety dedicated to the Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, who recently rose to prominence as an internet meme; and Space Jam, a blueberry cheesecake ode to the 1996 movie starring Michael Jordan.

Considering the news that keeps on spewing out of the White House these days, thank goodness Lisa Borders, WNBA embrace social change as good business

From the NY Times:WNBA’s Seattle Storm Embrace a Role in Social Activism

The WNBA has found its voice: The players are used to battling on and off the court, and they’re not going to stop any time soon.

Bird, who has been in the WNBA since 2002, wasn’t surprised that the players across the league so seamlessly were able to unite around activism. After all, although the league has now been around for more than two decades, they’re used to fighting for respect day in and day out.

“We’re still trying to prove ourselves and get things moving in the right direction. So I do think it’s innate within us to have that fighting mentality, to speak up on things that we see happening,” Bird said. “And then at the same time, the makeup of our league, it’s a melting point. You’re exposed to things, you see your things, and you bring in your own story to it, and it lends to a certain type of activism. It just naturally fits.”

Speaking of Bird, And, I’m sure you read this, it’s worth a re-read as Mechelle crafts a classic piece – and underscores how important it is to have long-tenured journalists dedicated to women’s basketball. Ready to let you in

Now an All-Star for a record-tying 10th time, she’ll start for the West squad before an adoring KeyArena crowd on Saturday in Seattle. She is a revered teammate, the center of every huddle, a fan favorite from coast to coast; the ponytailed point guard always has looked the part of the girl next door as much as the face of a franchise. Yeah, everybody loves Bird.

But few outside her family and friends truly know her. She has thoroughly and thoughtfully answered countless questions from reporters since she was a teenager, but Bird usually demonstrated a default mode: cautious.

Yesterday, Sue Bird told everyone that she’s dating Megan Rapinoe, and I cried at my desk. I shouldn’t be surprised by my tears (I cry at everything), but I am. I didn’t expect to cry when Bird told the public something that was never really a secret. And I certainly didn’t expect to choke up in the middle of a meeting right before being told that I should write about what was making me cry in the first place.

But Bird’s decision to let fans see this side of her stripped me bare. I can’t even think about it without tears pooling at the corners of eyes, and I can’t speak about it without feeling sobs clawing at my chest.

Also: 20 Questions: WNBA All-Star recap and why is Sue Bird ready to let you in?

Welcome! Ann Rodriguez Named Senior Vice President, WNBA League Operations

In her role, Rodriguez will oversee all on-court basketball operations, including playing rules, scouting, scheduling and venue compliance. She also will oversee the management of referee operations and the administration of player-related policies and programs.

Fun: WNBA Releases ‘Watch Me Work’ Video


Must watch TV: 15 years ago, Schuye LaRue was on her way to women’s basketball stardom – then, she inexplicably disappeared. Her story, Sunday 9am ET., ESPN

Bye: Marosite twins will not return to ETSU women’s basketball team

After-bye: Facing abundant turnover, FSU women’s basketball gets early start

Duke Chronicle: Point Guard U: McCallie and Duke women’s basketball educating top floor generals year after year

UConn Blog: Auriemma, Dailey key to preparing players for WNBA success

Nice! Texas: Planned legacy gift honors Women’s Basketball tradition of excellence

Stormin’ in Norman: Oklahoma basketball: Sooners lure top women’s player from Jayhawk state

High School

Interesting: Braintree (Mass.) champion girls basketball coach returns after resigning following parental complaints

The story continues: Family’s battle with Archdiocese over girls’ expulsion returns to court

With the school year weeks away, hearings will begin in court Monday in a family’s battle to keep their two daughters in a Catholic school that expelled them after the family filed a lawsuit seeking to let the older daughter play on the boys basketball team.

St. Theresa’s Catholic School in Kenilworth has said 13-year-old Sydney Phillips and her younger sister, Kaitlyn, can not return to the school, in part, because their father, Scott Phillips filed suit against the last November 2016

Not High School

Congrats: San Diego Splash, the 80-and-older women’s basketball team, gets endorsement deal

Meet the Red Foxes: The 50+ senior women’s basketball team taking North Carolina by storm

Hickory Record : Column: ‘A force of nature’

Joan still gets mad when she talks about her senior year at L-R, the year she was going to be the captain of the women’s basketball team after having played on the team for two years.

In 1940, the 20-year-old’s plans for a great season were dashed when the women’s coach, a man who later earned acclaim at L-R as a football coach, cancelled the women’s basketball season.

According to Joan, he was working on his master’s degree and had to execute a “project,” his being to start an intramural program. “He needed those women to participate in intramurals,” said Joan, who, in the midst of her grave disappointment, played on the intramural team.

“What (the coach) did was a tragedy,” said Sunny. “That’s what they did to women back then.” Sunny and Joan explained that L-R named a campus street after the coach. “Every time I go to cross it, I feel like spitting on it,” Joan declared.

But before we dive back into the sprint that is the rest of the season, let’s take a deep breath and go diving, shall we?


Wide Meshed Sea Fan with Flamingo Tongue

REALLY big Southern Ray

Arrow Crab


Red Hind

Banded Angelfish

Spotted Drum (juvenile)

Gray Angel Fish

Nurse Shark


Blue Striped Lizard Fish (or, maybe, Sandiver?)

Giant Barrel Sponge


Sand Dollar

White Spotted File Fish

Trunk Fish

Queen Trigger Fish


Four-eye Butterfly Fish

Blue Tang, Stoplight Parrotfish (Initial Phase) 

Scrawled File Fish

EDD hurt,  but Myst- *computer shuts down*

Dolson dumps New Yo- *computer shuts down*

Griner hurt. Hill hurt. EDD hurt. *Helen shuts down computer*

Guess I should pay attention to St. Thomas and SCUBA for the week.


Trumpet Fish


Southern Stingray