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Grading America’s sports departments

This week, the Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) released its third Racial and Gender Report Card on newspaper and online newsrooms. APSE partners with The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport to conduct the survey every two years.

The 2010 survey shows women and journalists of color increased as members of the total staffs of all APSE member papers and websites in 2010. However, the number of African-American sports editors has dropped since the last survey in 2008.

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Football’s Absolute Power Corrupts Colleges Absolutely (though it looks like it was also titled: King Football Rules Gender-Equity Debate)

Let’s ask the question: What causes this insatiable need for female (or ersatz female) names and numbers? It stems from the gigantic elephant leaving proof of its presence smack in the middle of most college campuses: King Football.

Even at the moderate Division I programs — the ones that are kicked around in the early weeks of the season in return for a big payoff — football squads include more than 100 players, most of them on scholarship. That’s easy enough to detect — just look at the duplicate numbers standing side by side during a game, one an offensive player, one a defensive player, unable to be on the field at the same time. The powerhouses are stockpiling bodies, presumably so other teams cannot get at them.

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when was the last time you checked the WNBA Transactions page? *hint, hint*

Mechelle writes about the biggest non-surprise trade of the (pre) season.

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Penny Taylor is interviewed

Loz helps Liz handle The shock of the new

AW: Are you looking forward to playing each other?

LC: I can’t wait to play against the big LJ, drop another 40 on me. Woohoo!

LJ: It’s not going to happen, it’s different in America. Defence is so important over there. Coaches really play to stop the main players. It won’t be one-on-one against anybody. You’re going to have five people against you and strategies to try to limit you. You’ve just got to relax and not be afraid. That might be one thing that holds you back. You’ve got the world at your feet and there is not one woman in that league who is as strong as you. I can guarantee you that right now.

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is reviewed over at SportsPage Magazine by Tara Polen: “Off the Rez” Inspires, Though Off the Mark

Of note: “Off the Rez” will air on (TLC) on Saturday, May 14th at 9pm.

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A shout out to

Indiana’s Dave Riley: Northrop legend gets Nancy Rehm Award

Dave Riley’s influence can be felt around Fort Wayne these days, even 13 years after he retired as the Northrop girls basketball coach. Rarely is there a current Fort Wayne coach who doesn’t mention Riley’s name when accepting a state trophy, which has happened quite a bit lately.

That kind of clout is what has earned Riley the 2011 Nancy Rehm Award, an honor given to those who have excelled in women’s athletics.

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Some “knock on” effect

From the StarNews in Delaware: UNCW has its eye out on keeping up with Title IX

“It’s a non-issue for UNCW,” athletic director Jimmy Bass said Wednesday afternoon. “We count tennis players as tennis players. Kids that scrimmage with the women’s basketball team are just students.

“We do everything here straight up.”

From Ed Graney at the Las Vegas Review Journal: Apathy spurs fudged Title IX numbers

The problem with Title IX compliance was, is and always will be football, which more than anything has led to the cutting of men’s sports across the country and schools padding their numbers on the women’s side with male practice players, which, by the way, the Department of Education has no issue.

(Good news for Texas A&M.)

But when you allot 85 scholarships and more than 100 participation spots to football, you have to discover an equal slice of the pie on the women’s side.

Football became too big, too powerful. Yes, it makes most of the money. It also uses most of the resources.

Sorry. Division I football could survive with 40 scholarships and participation numbers of 80. It could. It also would solve most if not all Title IX issues overnight.

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