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Duke suspends starting G Shay Selby indefinitely for violating team rules

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Blue, that is, and welcome to the AP Poll.

Speaking of teams flying under the radar, how about them National (and Junkanoo) Champions? They’ll be in the spotlight right quick as they prepare to face #13 Purdue and then #2 UConn.

Nate is Looking Back At Weekend Tournaments & A Few Upsets

And yes, I’ve noticed that one of the Mittens is 7-0.

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from the Tennessee/Baylor game tape for Baylor’s next opponents (though, it will help if Griner has another off first-half and if your guards actually hit a shot or two). A great game plan by Tennessee, but they fell just a little bit short.

The Lady Vols took numerous shots against No. 1 Baylor — 82 to be exact. They pulled the trigger from all points on the floor. Several times, they bunched several attempts into a single possession. They even channeled their inner Don Quixote, going right at Brittney Griner and shooting over the 6-foot-8 All-American.

They did just about everything but make enough shots. The Lady Vols’ 29.3 percent field goal accuracy (24 for 82), coupled with a huge rebounding effort, gave them a glimpse of their ambitious objective.

Yah, it’s the first time the Vols have lost two in a while since… well, since Flo Rida was… Low, but wasn’t it nice to see Baugh kick butt?

With LSU losing again (granted, to #19 Ohio State), I’m wondering who the challengers will be in the SEC. Will Florida make some noise? Is Vandy going to surprise folks?

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From Viet Nguyen at the Bear Insider, a little BearShare featuring freshman Reshanda Gray:

But it was not just about being poor, right? You were surrounded by crime and violence.

Where we lived at was where one of the most violent gangs… A lot of stuff happened. At that time, I saw someone get shot in front of our apartment. My mom moved us to the back. We had to move to the back because they’d shoot, and bullets would fly in front, so my mom asked if we could move to the back of the apartment, so that nothing would happen to us. My mom would tell us not to walk by ourselves, and when the streetlights come on, you gotta be in the house. That was the rule, like streetlights or sunset, you’d better be running home. That was an everyday thing until I got to high school, when I had no choice but to come home late after basketball practice. But if I came home late after basketball practice, I had to make sure to get a ride home and not just catch the bus or walk home.

So in this environment, where so many others do join gangs and repeat the cycle, what made your path different?

What made my path different is that the people I did look up to that were in gangs and violence, I saw the outcome–that you could go to jail or you’d be put six feet under. I don’t like neither one of them, so I’m just going to change it while I still can and try to be a better person and do something with my life. Even as a kid, I decided I didn’t want to live this way. In middle school, that’s how I met my godparents, Missy [Blackshire] and Tyrone [Dinneen], through the after-school program called LA After-School All-Stars. So that was like my second home. If I wasn’t at home or if I wasn’t at school, I would stay there until six or seven, and then I’d get rides home from there.

Cal also got to hum, “How do you like me now,” as they took down #22 Virginia — and their former coach, Joanne Boyle. Boyle was cool with it:

“Now that the game’s over, yeah, I’m happy and proud for them,” said Boyle, who was Cal’s head coach from 2005 through last season and coached and/or recruited all but one of the current Golden Bears before leaving to take the Virginia job in April. “They played well, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

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about the one that got away courtesy of a furious Notre Dame comeback capped off by a buzz-beating (?) shot by Natalie Novosel.

Sugar sighting as #21 Georgetown took down #10 Georgia for the first time in program history.

Speaking of program wins, #800 for #4 TAMU was against Iowa, 74-58.

#13 Rutgers squeezed out a win over Arizona, 59-52.

It was an even squeezier win for #22 Texas over an intriguing Cal team, 61-6o.

Vandy enjoyed Thanksgiving at home and got a win to boot — 78-66 over #12 Oklahoma.

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In anticipation of the Vols/Bears game today, Beth and Debbie talk with coach Kim Mulkey.

Dave Scheiber has Putting the VOL in volume

At one end of cacophonous Thompson-Boling Arena, the University of Tennessee pep band is pumping out a brassy, pedal-to-the-metal rendition of “Rocky Top” that has whipped 12,000-plus Lady Vols fans into a familiar frenzy.

But the high-decibel bluegrass classic and unofficial UT fight song has nothing on the Meanie Heads — not on this rainy Tuesday night in Knoxville, or on any night.

As always, sisters Raubyn and Donna Branton are at the opposite end of the building, rocking the top off.

The game is on ESPN @ 2pmEST.

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but perhaps the most significant was the one in Stillwater, where the women’s team took to the court for the first time since the death of head coach Budke and assistant coach Serna.

From ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon: Cowgirls return to court with a win

On Saturday, the Cowgirls wore patches on their uniforms of the number “4” that featured the initials of each crash victim and the date of the accident stiched onto the number. Coppin State players wore orange T-shirts emblazoned with the number “4” during their pregame warmups.

“Today was much deeper than the basketball part of it,” OSU interim coach Jim Littell said of the Cowgirls’ 59-35 victory over Coppin State at Gallagher-Iba Arena. “We had a chance to pay honor today.

Writes Jessica at Swish Appeal: Oklahoma State 59, Coppin State 35 – “The healing process, I believe, started today.”

After the last buzzer sounded and the tradition of singing the alma mater at midcourt was finished, another round of applause was given, another moment of celebration was had – and this one all the more personal. In something I have never in my life seen before, the entire team, players and staff alike, went directly up in the stands to the Budke family and gave hugs to Kurt’s wife, three children and parents.

“It really meant a lot to all the girls,” Lindsey Keller said of the moment in the stands after the game. “It was for him (Budke) and Coach Serna and we just want to honor them and show our respect. We love them.”

Gina Mizell at News Ok writes: Reflecting on the Oklahoma State women’s basketball tragedy

I’ve learned a lot about the school that I cover during the past week. I’ve learned what made Budke and Serna special people, and hearing others talk about them made me wish I had gotten to know them. But I’ve learned more about the Oklahoma State people. I’ve seen what a tight-knit, passionate group it is all throughout football season, but this tragedy has really shown how supportive and loyal Cowboys and Cowgirls are to their school and each other. That is what’s going to get the OSU faithful through yet another extremely difficult time.

Jenni Carlson Cowgirls honor their coaches in first game since plane crash

Moments before the start of a basketball game that was about so much more than a basketball game, the big screen at Gallagher-Iba Arena flashed to the home bench.

There were smiles. There were laughs.

There was joy.

From Jimmie Trammel at the Tulsa World: Cowgirls play emotional first game since coaches’ fatal plane crash

During a postgame press conference, OSU president Burns Hargis’ voice cracked when he acknowledged the Budkes’ presence at the game.

“The week they have had would devastate any of us,” Hargis said. “And for them to come out and support these girls was, I think, wonderful.”

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