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The U-19 Final is set

Spain knocked off the Aussies

Brazil had a lot of skill and fight but they couldn’t overcome the US rebounding, fast breaks and some clutch shooting. Said Rizzotti post-game:

Obviously we’re very excited about advancing onto the gold medal game. But, the win was bittersweet because we had to beat Brazil to get there. We have a lot of respect for Brazil. We forged relationships with them last year in Colorado Springs. We played them a few times this year and we have a lot of respect for their country, their basketball players and we brought our best tonight because we feel they are one of the best teams in the tournament.

Don’t forget, you can watch the bronze medal game and the gold medal game streaming online.


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You work your butt off for three quarters, 9 minutes and 30 seconds to keep your team in the game, and then suddenly, TA DA! another player sweeps in and seals the deal.

That’s what happened last night at the Rock when Penny Taylor went off on the Lib for 29pts and then the Star-Ledger’s headline is this: Liberty lose to Diana Taurasi, Mercury, 91-84‎. Oiy.

I mean, sure, Diana’s 30 seconds is what put the in the final nail (along with Carson’s turnovers), but it was Penny who cut down the trees, milled the logs, took the measurements, dove-tailed the corners, inserted the silk cushions in New York’s coffin. Of course, Diana knew it:

“She was great,” Taurasi said of Taylor. “She was the only person really giving us anything offensively. And the way they schemed defensively, it’s hard but she found a way to kind of find her spots and made them pay.”

Speaking of “I’m not dead yet!” the Sparks aren’t, though they sure tried to give the game back to Chicago. Unfortunately for the Sky, their furious fourth quarter rally fell short and LA escaped with at 86-82 win. Chicago’s now two games under .500 and they better keep an eye out for the Dream.

Bird bounced back from a really bad game and the Storm bounced the Shock, 89-72.

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OT: Birds!

of a feather and of aluminum.

There’s a fabulous birding spot in New York (identified as one of the 50 places you should bird before you kick off) called Jamaica Bay. It’s right near JFK, which is amazing and, at times, awkward. I tromp there all year, and am looking forward to August when fabulous shorebirds like this and this and this start migrating through.*

Here’s an article: Jamaica Bay: Wilderness on the Edge

OF all the ways to describe Jamaica Bay — it is the city’s largest open space, it is a perch of choice for more than 300 species of birds, it is that wetland thing you fly above while landing at (or leaving) Kennedy Airport — the most suggestive of its singularity is that it sits within the only national park in the United States you can reach by subway.

*Ruddy Turnstone, Black Bellied Plover, Red Knot

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Yah, we know

WNBA’s Shock reach halfway mark with just 1 win

Interim coach Teresa Edwards has found a way to cope with a season that’s spiraling toward the worst in WNBA history for the Tulsa Shock.

Halfway through their season, the Shock have won only one game in 17 tries and they’re 0-6 since she took over following Nolan Richardson’s resignation.

“I just try not to count that record out loud to myself, first of all,” said Edwards, a four-time Olympic gold medalist.

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NBA gentlemen ponder

a decision that’s ‘way of life’ for WNBA players

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Free FIBA feed Brazil/USA


Is that the fine announcer we had during the Worlds??

Ok – don’t you find the fact that this slasher movie promo with young women as the victim (is there any other kind of slasher movie?) is being run during this under 19 game kinda creepy?

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Danielle Adams Sidelined with Foot Sprain

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