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*waits for all the WNBA bashers and glass half emptiers to start writing smack*

From Seth at SBNation: New Diana Taurasi Contract Only One Year

But don’t panic, Taurasi doesn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the desert any time soon and made it clear when we spoke after practice today that her intent was to help the team.

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in Oregon? Longshots get another look at OSU women’s prospect camp

“Why not me?” said the 2007 graduate from Franklin High School. “I think I could play here if I was in good shape.”

Pin was joined by 54 other hopefuls — or is it wannabes? — in Corvallis, all of whom were thinking the same thing. Any other year at almost any other program the thought of hosting a walk-on camp would seem absurd, but this summer at Oregon State, anything is possible.

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Oh, oh…

*steps up on soapbox*

So, if you’re a regular reader of this blog (and it would appear that 600-800 of you are daily) you know how often I bang the “If you want coverage you have to advocate for coverage” drum.

My understanding from “those in the know” is that it’s no longer just about clicking on a link. It’s also about leaving comments.

Yah, while it’s annoying to register (use a yahoo-ish addy, kids, for that stuff) and the whole “Be the first to LIKE this” forced Facebook thing is even more annoying, it really needs to be done. ’cause if it’s not, then the coverage is going to continue to shrink.

SO — this is not really a test… think of it more as a challenge. Go to the Michelle Agins LENS link on the NY Times that features her slides from the 1998 NY Times Sunday Magazine. Leave a comment.

Right now there are 5. If 10% of the daily readers will step up, that would be and additional 60-80 people saying to Sports Editor Tom Jolly – “Hey, we want coverage and we’re willing to prove it.” Come on. I dare ya.

*steps off soap box*

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As the League worries its head

about when the Indy/NY v Atlanta series could possible start (Thurs? Sunday? – Space issues), some pre-Wed game reading.

First from the Lib:

We need your support plus your friends and family as we take on the Indiana Fever in a DO OR DIE game


We can’t do it alone…

Please forward this link to your friends and family!

Have them join in on the fun. And the price is right – no fees! Your friends pay what you pay as a thank you!  USE CODE: NYL Get Tickets Now

From the .com: Hoffman, Fever Hoping For Game-Three Win

From Chris Denari:

With their collective backs to the wall on Sunday night, the Indiana Fever protected home court and stayed alive in their Eastern Conference Semifinals series with New York, knocking off the Liberty 75-67 at Conseco Fieldhouse. The series is now tied at 1-1 and both teams have had 20-point leads on their home court. Now the Fever will look to do something they have never done in their first six trips to the playoffs: win a series while not holding home court advantage.

From Plenette Pierson’s blog (h/t pilight): From the Country Side to the Big Apple

I couldve never imagine being a Lib because there was such a big rivalry between the Libs and the Shock! I never thought that I could love New York City due to the fast pace style of life, but Ive found my second WNBA home. I think most of the fans here were on the fence about a sworn enemy joining their team but they soon learned to love me. It was clearly a breath of fresh air for me to be reunited with Taj and be able to be in a system that I could be as successful as I was in Detroit. I remember coming in to my first practice as a Liberty player and turning to Taj and saying “I cant remember the last time I set a screen on someone”. She laughed but I was serious, I thing throughout my time in training camp and the few games that I played in Tulsa I may have set 1 screen. Now that I have been here a while Im in the thick of things and picking up where I left off in Detroit. Now we are in the money time… Playoffs baby!

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Storm/Merc matchup

From Nate at SPNation: Storm WNBA Playoff Push: Regular Season Series With Mercury Generates More Hype Than Substance

…for all the excitement the regular season series might generate, as Cash said the Mercury are playing some of their best basketball right now and the Storm have really only played them once with mid-season acquisition Kara Braxton, who has added some additional muscle to their post rotation. In other words, the Storm aren’t exactly looking back at the regular season matchups, no matter what that might say to fans about how exciting this series could be.

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Praising ‘ice

It’s Jeff! Jeff Metcalfe! JEFF! Good to read you! Where ya been?

Phoenix Mercury’s Candice Dupree comes up big in WNBA playoff debut

Until last week, Candice Dupree was a three-time WNBA All-Star with zero playoff appearances.

By averaging 25.5 points and 9.5 rebounds – both team highs – in the Mercury’s Western Conference semifinal sweep of San Antonio, the 6-foot-2 forward proved she is postseason-ready and instrumental to the drive for a second consecutive championship.

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To grow a woman’s basketball program takes more than recruiting and knowing your X’s and O’s. It takes long hours marketing, working crowds, building relationships with local businesses and movers and shakers, and the support of your administration.

And, of course, it takes money. So it’s been cool that the NCAA has provided grants to help programs improve. The University of Dayton is one of the grantees:

Jahrling detailed in the proposal that UD has created such a strong program, and they could really use extra funding to increase awareness, exposure and attendance. More than half of the money received will be spent on video shoots in order to promote the girls and encourage future recruitment in the community.

“We really have a good product on the court, and we want to showcase that talent to everyone here and nationally,” she said.

Out of the 88 schools who applied for this grant, only 12 received some aid in the end. Jabir feels that along with the proposal written by Jahrling and Harper, his team’s recent success proves the opportunity this institution has to become a national spectacle.

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